Hello everyone in the N.Y. Long island area.
It gives me great pleasure to recommend a truly passionate and highly skilled BMW technician. Chris is both certified by AMI as well as BMW Motorcycle Technician. He is a sole owner and operator and repairs all BMW models.
I ride an R1100RT 1996. The bike has 65K miles. I purchased the bike with 55K miles. Since I have had the bike the front brakes squeaked when I applied the brakes. It has always been annoying but I have had a shop look into this and it was reported that the brakes are doing the job and not to be concerned with the noise. It always passes inspection so I did bring it to a shop to see if the squeak could be eliminated. The front brake pads were worn and would not pass NYS Inspection. I figured this would finally resolve my squeal. I replaced the pads with OEM factory brake pads. The squeal still exists and when I brought the bike back to see what my options were I was told that for $100 of labor they would try to eliminate the squeal. They reported to me that the rotors needed to be replace to resolve the noise. The rotors were diagnosed to be warped. I priced out the rotors and decided to just live with the squeal.
After having my BMW in for service to replace the tires I discussed the squeal with Chris Capobianco who said at the next service appointment he would dismantle the calipers and clean them up. He assured me that the work he planned would take care of the squeal once and for all. He pointed out to me that there was small deposits of rust on the pistons of the calipers. He cleaned them up and also applied brake squeal product which conditions the pads to avoid squeal. He road tested my BMW after the repair was complete. He was satisfied that the noise has been eliminated.
Finally, I am riding without the front brake making a squeal when I come to a stop. The brakes even feel stronger than ever and I have all the confidence in the world when Chris works on my motorcycle.
I am so pleased with the service Chris has completed I recommended by good friend who needed work done on his R1200.
Please consider to have your bike serviced by Chris. Make an appointment and remember to always have an expert make sure your motorcycle is safe to ride.
Here is his contact info:

Christopher Capobianco
BMW Motorcycle Repair
631 219-6773