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Thread: .15mm and .30mm Feeler Guages/Twinmax

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    .15mm and .30mm Feeler Guages/Twinmax

    Where can I buy these feeler guages for the OVAD procedure? Sears? Any ideas on the most cost effective place to buy a Twinmax? Thanks.

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    I just ordered a Twinmax from the BMW of Santa Cruz web site for $69.95 if you bought something else (even something small like an oil filter). I think their regular price was $79.95 which is about the lowest I'd seen. They may have even had the feeler gauges (I saw them somewhere but can't remember exactly where at the moment). Got good service and had the parts within a week.

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    TwinMax purchase

    Steve: I just bought a TwinMax brand-new for less than $50 from an individual after placing an "wanted" ad in the Internet BMW Riders' marketplace. Several people contacted me with TwinMax units for sale. Just an idea.

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    You can get the gauges at Sears or the equivalent. While you get a feel for how much friction you want as you slide in a gauge, it can be helpful to have the next size up and down to compare it to. This gives you the safe option of the go-no-go approach to adjusting the valves.

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