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Thread: Seat suggestions

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    Seat suggestions

    I am looking for a more comfortable seat for longer rides on my 2009 K1300S. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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    I like my Corbin

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    Weeks of Seat Research

    There are two great threads already on this forum and several more in other forums. I just spent several weeks researching, reading and even interviewing both Mayer brothers. Bottom line, a custom seat is the way to go and you will find fans of both Mayers, Russel, Rick's, etc. etc. Corbin and Sargents have many followers as well, provided you have the right butt to fit standard seats.

    My major conclusion is that a drive-in fitting with either Mayer brother or Russell has produced many happy riders - if you happen to be in the vicinity and you don't mind an occasional adjustment if needed. Unfortunately, if you have to ship your seat, it could be a couple weeks before you are riding again - then if you had to do adjustments - you would be out more riding time. Forget trying to get a temporary used seat at the Boneyard -- many are looking.

    My final decision is to order from Russell -- a vinyl seat with leather top --in the off season. I think the Russell seat looks less appealing than others in that it has a "wing" shape that is not in keeping with the K-bike lines, but after 500 miles, comfort is a beautiful thing.

    To get us through this season, we got two Air Hawk cushions that work very well. Medium for me and small for her. I might have gotten a size larger for her (Jeez, I hope she does not read this post).

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    Thanks for the input. I am ordering one from Sargent after talking to a few owners who are very satisfied with price, service, and comfort.

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    Sargent seat

    Let us know how that seat works out for you, I'm thinking about going the same route myself.

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    I cured my 1200GT seat problem with a $20 Walmart auto gel seat cover(actually not really gel inside but a rubbery honeycomb) under an Alaska Leather sheepskin. The faux gel seat cover fits good with the smaller zippered end towards the tank. I cut the zipper out so it wouldn't scratch.

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    Seat suggestion

    Two ideas for you. You can take a 2 x 4 and drive some long nails thru it and mount that in place of the stock BMW seat; or as already suggested - an aftermarket seat! I have a Russell which I love. Either of these ideas will be an improvement over the stock seat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by allanc53045 View Post
    You can take a 2 x 4 and drive some long nails thru it
    I thought that WAS the stock seat!

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    Ordered through A&S BMW, it's made by Bagster but offered through Verholen. It's lots mo' betta than stock:

    A close up shot:
    '02 RT
    '06 K12s bumblebee

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    Very nice!

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    I like this solution.

    I had a $700 Sargent on my K12GT. I did not want to spend that kind of money again. So I chose this.

    Couldn't be happier. Go figure.

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