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Thread: GSA 1...Wolf 0

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    GSA 1...Wolf 0

    The RV that stopped to help me with my luggage that was strewn all over 37N, while heading for Stewart,BC, said..looked like he (wolf) came out of the woods after you... All I saw was a blur off to my left peripheral vision and then WHAM! and I was in high speed wobble...

    Managed to slow the bike without putting it down. Looked in my rear view mirror and saw that 'bad boy' critter skid daddle off into the woods. I was surprised with the amount of damage to the left Adventure Aluminum side case that I didn't kill it nor did I see any blood remnants..

    Any sheet metal workers that will be at the Rally? I'll need some body work with my left Adventure panner.

    This could have been much worse and a split second sooner things could have been much different..


    temporarily in Stewart,BC

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    Man thats a story. Wolves are nothing to contend with, eother. They usually get quite BIG and can be aggressive. Reminds me of that RT story of the guy going up the Haul Road and that wolf chasing him, but it was not a collision like yours. GLAD you're here to tell the story.
    I have a Coyote stirke years ago on my R100, but its a much smaller critter and it died. It scared me good at night, same kind of strike. A wolf strike is a lucky critter to survive, from hitting one of these! Tools? And I can fix the box, but the tools I do not carry. Maybe we can look at it together and decide an emergency plan repair to keep it working better for ya, until you get home. Find me at the GS Base Camp...Randy"Polarbear"

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