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Thread: GPS on tank bag

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    GPS on tank bag

    I am thinking of putting my Magellan RoaMate GPS in the map holder on my RT's tank bag. Has anyone done this? Are there heating problems? How do you power something like this. Do those mini solar power units give enough charge to sustaine a GPS' operation?

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    I tried this and could never keep it in the right position to see it when I wanted to. And the tank bag window would always cast a light band across the screen adding to the problem. However if you really want to do this then add a power socket to the inside of your tank bag to give you the juice you need.
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    That's too low for me, but I have done it in a pinch. No problems other than taking my eyes off the road. I'd rather look for the GPS above the oem gauges.
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    tank bag gps

    I tried doing just that. Found it basically useless. Looked at all different kinds of mounts and ended up choosing a RAM mount. Got a power adapter from powerlet and all is good now.
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    I put my Garmin Nuvi in the map pocket of my tank bag, and here's why.

    Well over 90% of my riding is to places that I do not need a GPS for. For places where I do need a GPS, I have no problem pulling off to the side if I need to do more than glance at the GPS. I'm usually looking at it when I'm on the open interstate with no cars anywhere near, or at a stop light, where I can remember "go to the third street and turn left."

    I couldn't justify the cost of either a moto specific GPS, or even a mount, for something I rarely use. Of course, if someone gave me either of those, I'd certainly use them!

    At night or in overcast condition, I have no problem seeing the display through the map pocket. However, in sunlight, I have to shade the display with my hand to see it.

    As for power, I plug my Garmin into the following cord:
    It goes from the outlets under my seat to just under the front end of the saddle. Whenever I need to plug something in, I pop the saddle and either plug directly into it, or unwrap the cord and put the sockets into my tank bag and plug stuff in there.

    I would NOT recommend this setup for someone who regularly uses a GPS, but it works for me.
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    I use a Ztecknik clutch mount kit.

    It keeps the GPS right where I want it, and vibration-free.

    I also use a tank bag, and I'd never consider mounting the GPS there; it'd be all over the place.

    BTW, my Marsee tank bag came with a foam insert with cutouts for iPods, phones, and GPS unit holding. The foam disintegrated over time in the sun, and they ultimately recommended tossing it. I got a free Marsee "gift" when I called in to report the disintegration. After all with our level of sun, I suffered the issue before anyone else.
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    I bought the "mirror" handlebar clamps for the R1200ST and use them instead of the K12S clamps (which have no threaded hole). They have a threaded hole which is perfectly threaded for the 3/8" ram ball. Then I use two short ram clamps and the barbell so I can get more degrees of freedom to adjust the position of the Zumo.
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    I've tried putting several things in the map pocket of my tank bag on bike(s) and found that on hot days or even very sunny days it can get really warm in there with the sun shinning on it and my GPS, Zen and iphone have all shut themselves down due to overheating. Esp. with the smaller tank bag I have that has pockets designed to hold such things that I had first hoped would work since the pocket would hold them properly lined up, no go, 3-4 hours of direct sun and they would all shut down, even with the pocket partly unzipped to vent it. Big disapointment.


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    Poor Man's Tank Bag Mount

    Magellan 1412, attached with velcro to the top of the map window. After each turn, I make a note of the distance to the next turn and the direction, and add the distance to the reading of my trip odometer. Can hear the doorbell sound from the speaker when approaching the turn. At stops, the GPS goes with me along with my wallet, cell phone and other pilferables already in the tank bag (magnetic). No problems thus far, in over 3000 miles.

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    Thumbs up

    Quote Originally Posted by 85801 View Post
    I am thinking of putting my Magellan RoaMate GPS in the map holder on my RT's tank bag. Has anyone done this? Are there heating problems? How do you power something like this. Do those mini solar power units give enough charge to sustaine a GPS' operation?
    Might want to check out Twisted Throttle.

    They carry the SW Motech and Bags Connection lines, and can mount GPS units to tank bags in a nifty fashion.

    Good Luck.
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