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Thread: Stranded in Newfoundland without the Anonymous!

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    Stranded in Newfoundland without the Anonymous!

    I'm in Glovertown, Newfoundland (near Gander) and desperately seeking assistance to trailer a bike to either ferry service in Argentia (roughly 3 hours) or Port-aux-Basques (roughly 8 hours).
    I mistakenly left my Anonymous Book behind, but remember there were a few listed NF members. I wish the Book was available online!
    My email address is

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    it looks like St Johns will be your closest. Try 709 722 9311.... says trailer/truck. Only one listed with that designation. Likely you have found some support but maybe this person will be able to assist in some way. You are in a very friendly part of NFLD and help is at hank. But, try this number. - Bob (tourunigo)
    Bob Weber
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    Assistance appreciated...

    Thanks Bob for your assistance.
    I'll call that number in the morning.
    I do have a lead on a trucker who can get me over to Port-aux-Basques in two days and my wife and I will have to double up on her K75 and meet the trucker there.
    I may also try some of the motorcycle dealers in Gander or Grand Falls to see if they might be aware of any trucks/trailers headed to either of the ferries.
    Thanks again...

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    You might also try the Newfoundland forum. Great bunch of riders:

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