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Thread: Flathead Lake Montana to Newfoundland

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    Flathead Lake Montana to Newfoundland

    Departed 24 May returned 13 June....8,200 miles. A great trip and the small portion of the Canadian Maritimes we rode are definitely worth seeing. My bike is an 06 K12GT and my companion rode a Concourse 14. Both bikes performed well....rain and shine. Trip worth doing. If we can assist, would be glad to.

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    I did the exact same ride on my R100/7 in 2006 and found Canada one neat country to cross, as I did it all on the Canada side from Flathead Lake/Glacier Park. Glad you had a wonderful trip. Quebec I found most interesting, as I spoke NO French and found so many non speaking English folks there. I never knew so many did not speak English, so near the USA. Genuine folks, however and we tried hard to communicate and their friendliness was so nice, but we truely lacked good communication skills. Different place and I did enjoy it emmensely. Randy

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