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Thread: Post processing and ordering prints

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    Post processing and ordering prints

    I wondered if some of you accomplished photographers would share your post processing secrets. I shoot in RAW and have been using the digital post processing software that came with my Canon 50D. Would it be beneficial to purchase a third party package like Photoshop or Lightroom? Also, do you have any recommendations for ordering prints. I don't get very good quality at my local drug store. Thank you.

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    I'm a Mac user, shoot raw with a 7D, and use Apple's Aperture. My wife, also a Mac user, prefers and uses Lightroom. Both handle raw images just fine. I find that most images can be processed in Aperture or Lightroom without the need to go to something like photoshop.

    As for prints... my wife uses an Epson R1800 for her 12"x12" digital scrapbook pages and gets good results. If you don't want to go through the hassle and expense of printing your own there are three places I know about that have given good results:


    A friend who photographs weddings and masonic installations is quite happy with Costco. I believe that's all he uses these days. I've used Shutterfly, mostly for snapshots, and have been happy with the quality, cost, and speed. I've heard nothing but good things about SmugMug prints from SmugMug users.

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