Okay everybody - this thread grew out of a thread called "Music" over in the main forum. It seems that there are more than a few Dead Heads (Grateful Dead afficianados) in our ranks. If you could do the "vulcan mind meld" on a Dead Head, you would get a bunch of set lists, favorite concerts, and other GD trivia and info. The same mind meld on an MOA member would probably result in K bike versus R bike, what's wrong with Harley riders, and which cool new piece of Wunderlich gear to rob the cookie jar for.

So post away on your favorite topics which put the Dead and the Beamer in the same thought. Here's mine: If The Dead play Red Rocks this summer like they did last summer, is anyone up for a BMW mini-rally/ride in to the concert? I think that would be a great way to combine two of our favorite pasttimes.