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Thread: Cut Bank,Mt. to Anchorage,AK

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    Cut Bank,Mt. to Anchorage,AK

    Currently(7/02/10) in Cut Bank,MT for the night..looking at several routes.. Suggestions?? Hopefully return in time for the Rally.

    FYI..took Rt 2 from Duluth,Minn..outstanding road!! Tnx to the guys @ Aerostich for the route tip.



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    When I was up that way returning from the '04 rally in Spokane, I had gone up to Banff-Jasper-Icefields Parkway-Lake Louise and then began working my way home. I enjoyed the ride from just west of Calgary, taking Highway 40 south off of the big Highway 1. That took me to Longview where I turned south and ended up in Pincher Creek for the evening. I was basically working my way south along Hwy 6 in Canada and ended up in Babb and St. Mary, MT. I wanted to get into Glacier NP and I turned west from there.

    I'd say head west on US 2 and turn towards St. Mary or stay south and go around Glacier and cut back across the park to St. Mary...if you can...not sure about the roads currently. There's been a recent thread with updates on the Going to the Sun Highway.
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    Having just ridden the Alcan to Anchorage this past week, you should be prepared for some tough roads from North of Haines Jct. at Destruction Bay to the border. Then there's about 15 miles of "Pilot Car-led" construction on the Alaska side of the border which is extremewly slipper because of the rain. Very little gravel, mostly dirt(mud). Having said all that, I see you ride a GS so it may be less of a hazard to you, but be careful of the extreme frost heaves in those last 100 miles of the Yukon Alcan. You will have to slow down considerably. If you get a chance, visit the Kenai Peninsula. It's beautiful. Then again, so is much of Alaska.
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    +1 on the Glacier tip above. Then you could go north into Alberta and get on the 22 to 541 and over to 40.

    Another option after Glacier is to head west to #6 in BC, and north into the Kootenays.

    Be aware that there is road construction on the Trans Canada Highway, between the junction with #93 and Lake Louise, and around Golden, B.C.

    Here is the Going to the Sun thread:

    Have a good trip

    P.S. Don't cross the border at Coutts/Sweetgrass. Cross at Carway or Chief Mountain, if you're going into Alberta now.
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