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Thread: K1600GT and GTL Official Announcement

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boxwrench View Post
    Riding the Jap Bark 'o lounger it won't be.
    Lokks like it will be a nice BMW style riding position.
    The GTL is like a Wing, the GT is like an RT.

    They're two very different motorcycles, despite sharing much in common.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kbasa View Post
    The GTL is like a Wing, the GT is like an RT.

    They're two very different motorcycles, despite sharing much in common.
    And both IMHO more interesting and fun than a wing, IKA "Geezer glide"
    I'd go the GT if I could afford and need use of one.
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    The first one is supposed to hit ATL shortly. The listed price on the computer postings by the factory is low. I have been told that out the door they will be somewhere north of 25K. Thats serious money for 2 wheels!!
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    serious money

    yep, north of 25k is alot, but is it..... its way better than a honda, or a harley davidson, 25k is an ultra limited hd, handles like a wheelbarrow, 29k for the honda with an airbag, woop di doo... same bike as it was in 2001.

    my first lt was 21k that was in 99, yeah i got it broken off in me at the local dealer, crummy service etc, but... blane made up for that with my 02 lt for 18k otd.

    id say 21k adjusted for inflation makes 25k for the gtl a rocking deal. I and many must agree, we are getting them.

    honda still wont let me test drive one, unless im a "serious buyer" like what , i have to pay for it first?

    all good. glad people like honda, if 25k is too much for a real bike, then 29 for a warmed over 10 year old bike is astronomical.

    having riddent the gtl, there is nothing in its class, it is a class of its own, just what they are targeting, a luxury gt. its gonna smoke and be comfy as all h3ll

    my opinion. but im a k guy, not a real BMW owner, lol

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