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Thread: Might go to WV - suggestions?

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    Might go to WV - suggestions?

    I might do a short trip to West Virginia on a whim. I don't know much about WV but saw this bridge in the last ON magazine. So I took that as a destination in Google maps, selected 'avoid highways', and got

    I know the part from Durham to Radford, VA but not the remainder. I might consider going on the BRP in Roanoke and alter the way back. So mainly I am wondering about the arc between Christiansburg and Roanoke. Are those good riding roads? What I am looking for is a getaway with more cows and nature than people and cars. I prefer to ride on paved roads and do not have a GPS. My idea is to plan a route, print it, and follow it.

    I can spend about 3 days. I usually like to make many breaks, gawk, and also hike a bit. That way, I'd expect to need at least one and a half times as long as the suggested 12 hours, but maybe more.

    Thanks and happy Fourth of July!
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    You could wander North til you get to the Blue Ridge Parkway and ride it toward Asheville til you get to Rt 16. Take Rt 16 North through Va to Beckley, West Virginia. Then find you a good country road back to Rt 460 to Christiansburg/Radford. You can then find your way home from there.
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