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Thread: I nominate Lacrosse, WI!!

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    i passed through Lacrosse on my way to the rally in Gillette. i'd love to go back and spend some time exploring the area.

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    I tried that already. They said there were not enough Hotel rooms in the area.

    19 BMWMOA Nationals under my belt, and I have no idea what I am doing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by K75KAROL View Post
    I'm on the Site selection committee with Chuck. LaCrosse would be a fantastic area. Excellent roads and very scenic. I've talked to folks there in the past and have even been to the fairgrounds. Unfortunately, there's little to no "green space" for camping at the Interstate fairgrounds. Exhibit/vendor space would be o.k.

    There's even a Fairgrounds speedway, but it's Nascar and booked solid just about every weekend.

    I'll mention it to Chuck, and perhaps set up an appointment just in case I haven't been looking at the right spot.

    Thanks for the suggestion
    personally, and given the state of many city/county/state budgets, i think it would be worthwhile asking about that downtown area... using the convention center for the event and the park for camping.

    but who knows.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ANDYVH View Post
    Well, it is in Wisconsin, and Lacrosse has a vast beer history (Old Style, for one), so I would hope the beer favor of the state would apply to accomodate us like Oshkosh and West Bend had done.
    Yes, Old Style beer. A bar in my hometown had it on tap. It was kept very cold, served in a frosted mug, and was the best tasting beer I ever had on a warm summer night.

    Speaking of beer, anyone remember Hamm's and the commercials (cartoon style) with the bear? I remember seeing these commercials during Cubs' games. From the land of sky blue waters, Hamm's.

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    When I was a little kid, my folk used to meet friends for dinner at a local tavern when we went back to visit; Don & Katies was the name of the place in Paris, Illinois. Every inch of the walls along the ceiling was covered with magically illuminated (to me at 8) Hamm's signs. Don & Katies is where my parents made the monumental mistake of revealing to me that a "steak" could be had when eating away from home.

    Hamm's the Beer Refreshing....

    Thanks for the memory!
    "It is what you discover, after you know it all, that counts." _ John Wooden
    Lew Morris
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    I love this idea because of many reasons. Some great riding around the area along the Mississippi River bluffs on both sides, in Minnesota and Wisconsin. The best reason is that I live in River Falls, WI and it is close and would love to show off my neck of the woods. I can't always make regional rallies, but do my best to try.
    Really, some beautiful riding with plenty of winding twisty roads all over this area. A lot of good food places and the people are "biker friendly". They are used to bikes all around this area in Spring, Summer and Fall. (Winter, not so much)

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    Gets my vote! The great river road, cold beer, great food and twisties galore!
    '02 R1150RT

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