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Thread: full leather gear fl

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    Cool full leather gear fl

    anybody ride all summer south fl with full leather gear?

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    I live in Texas where 90+ degree heat and 70-90% humidity is common in the summer. You're lucky if you can wear leather until April, by May no way (unless you want a heat stroke).

    Here it's textile mesh jackets and pants and even those are hot after about 11:00 a.m.

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    I rode the southwest this time last year in full leather, one time I did have to take a break cos of the heat. Other than that, the vents are totally open and keep moving.

    My trick in hot or warmer weather is a tanktop under the jacket and short short swimming trunks under the bibs, that's it.

    Another trick if there's a body of water nearby is take a dip somewhere, don't dry off and throw on the leathers, instant AC. Gotta do what you gotta do.

    Plus the leather works well for warmth if you find yourself sleeping on a picnic table.

    Possibilities are endless with leather.

    I wouldn't trade my leathers, I'll stand by them or in them.

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