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Thread: Vista Cruise Cruise Control for the Real F650

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    Vista Cruise Cruise Control for the Real F650

    I got permission from the original poster to the Chain Gang to post this email here and my club's web site:

    A very smart person on the Chain Gang forum came up with this mod of the Vista Cruise Control so it will work on the 2001 plus single cylinder bikes.

    I have the Kaoko throttle control on my bike which absolutely sucks. It is very difficult and distracting to engage which is why I don't use it. The Kaoko was looking pretty good until it started to show signs of rust. I guess you're not supposed to ride with it in the rain.

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    based on that post and the excellent write up on the chain gang site i purchased a vista cruise for my '07 F650GS. i have not yet installed it but i am hoping to do it this coming weekend. looks like a good alternative to the throttle mister i am currently using.
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