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Thread: Motorrad Side Car Support.

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    I get BobsBMW 'eNewsletter' and this was included:

    Bob's and Hannigans.

    Perhaps we are beginning to see a reemergence and interest.

    Take a look... Some interesting stuff.

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    Interesting stuff indeed. It has me wondering if, as a result of "modifying" a stock BMW, the mothership "endorses" the installation and would honor their warranty (in the case of a new motorcycle)?

    Encouraging nevertheless.
    "It is what you discover, after you know it all, that counts." _ John Wooden
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lmo1131 View Post
    It has me wondering if...the mothership "endorses" the the case of a new motorcycle...
    I doubt it. Since they stopped puttin' them little knobs on their frames with the roll out of the slash five's new sub-frame design.

    Regardless, perhaps "Das Mutterland" will take notice of the increasing interest and engineer subframes from "Die Fabrik".

    Who knows. What I do know is I got mine... And love it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GrafikFeat View Post
    Regardless, perhaps "Das Mutterland" ...
    There is no "Mutterland". Germany is still a patriarchal society. It is "Das Vaterland"

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    Question EML help

    Quote Originally Posted by angysdad View Post
    cool cats maybe...

    Good idea, but since BMW corp (like most companies) are more into volume and profit, I would not hold my breath.
    It would be nice though, considering BMW's history with sidecars.
    Saw you an EML owner as am I.have done a frame up restoration on a former R80 RT[now 9.5 compression 1000cc] Was able to get new EML shocks and steering damper during the process from Motorad St Louis before they closed.Now with work complete, at considerable expense,I am unable to get running lights or windshield.Eurowing in Miami doesn't reply to emails and an email to Dutch EML is also unanswered. Any idea where I can turn.Matthew Mims

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    There's a Yahoo Groups site for the early EML stuff at:

    Let 'em know what model you have. Pics always help.

    Good luck!

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