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Thread: cruise assist for '09 F650 GS

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    cruise assist for '09 F650 GS

    I have a '09 F650GS and have put quite a few KMs since new last year. I called my dealer to find out about installing a cruise assit onto the bike. They did not know if I could install a crusie assist. I have BMW installed hand protectors so I can put use bar end cruise assist. It also has heated grips. Does anyone know if I am about the install the other style of cruise assist that sit between the grip and the hand controls?


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    The Wunderlich bar end throttle lock will work with both the heated grips and the BMW hand guards.
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    cruise assist for '09 F650 GS

    Thanks Ed,

    Called Anderwerks Motorrad Spezialist in Calgary and they are sending a set out to me.

    Oshawa, Ontario

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