At the suggestion of several members, I brought my bike to MAX in New Hampshire for some repair work. They are now officially my service shop for so long as I own a Beemer.

The shop is fantastic. They're easy to get to, the entire place is immaculate, and has a comfortable waiting area (thanks for the coffee and wifi!) with plenty of fellow riders to b.s. with. The staff is tremendous - they took care of everything in record time, dealt with an open recall I knew nothing about, even replaced my air filter since they were in there already. Tom went out of his way to hunt down a fax from my insurance company that had vanished.

There are shops closer/more convenient to Boston, but MAX's is well worth the trek, IMO. Plus, if the weather is nice, the ride home along Rye Beach and Hampton Beach is great (not to mention, 10-15 degrees cooler).