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Thread: McKenzie Pass to open Wednesday

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    Great Job

    If "one picture is worth a thousand words", you just said more than I could ever say. Great job capturing some of the feel for that road. You've got me fired up to to this route again.

    We were going to do this ride for our Second Saturday ride this coming Saturday, but I realized it was Quilt Show Weekend in Sisters. Yikes. There will be about 20K people in this small town. So we are benching this ride till August and doing Century Drive/Cascade Lakes Hwy this coming weekend.

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    Someone better tell Sisters to have a lot of gas on hand after watching that video I'm there, Thanks see you all in Redmond

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    And for those who may have ridden the route last time the MOA was in're in for a pleasant surprise! The road surface is in tip-top shape. Particularly the west side. There is "some gravel and rock" in some of the corners, so be alert. I think riding this from west to east is the best option. Mt Washington as well as the Three Sisters are still showing plenty of snow and there was a wee bit of snow along side the road up top (this will likely be gone by rally time). Enjoy!

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    After you ride this little ditty east to west, continue 10 or so miles west on OR126 to Auferheide Dr. (NSF 19) and hang a left and hang on. Then next 60 miles is kinky blacktop sex. You may want to stop in Oakridge for a smoke and hand crafted beverage at the Brewers Union.
    Ron R


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    My wife and I just drove the loop today. Hwy 126 from Redmond then we took 242 and my gooooodnessss what a great ride. We followed it around and hooked up with 242 back to the little town of Sisters where we stopped for refreshments. All in all one of the nicest rides we've made in a long time.

    cbcK1200S - Colin

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