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Thread: Cardo Scala G4 with Nolan N102 & N103

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    Cardo Scala G4 with Nolan N102 & N103

    Has anyone tried the the Cardo Scala Rider G4 PowerSet with a Nolan N102 or N103 Helmet?

    Does it fit on the helmet properly?

    Does it work well at 70 to 80 mph?


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    Works great!

    You will occasionally have to tighten the mount to the helmet but other than that- it rocks!

    You will read complaints about the lack of power to the speakers. That is a flaw in the system, not Nolan related.

    I've heard of two fixes- upgrade the speakers or switch to ear buds. Allegedly, Cardio is going to begin selling a new mount for the G4 that will allow for a user to plug in headphones. We'll see!

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