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Thread: new bike advice?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hankhoward View Post
    Took my new mount to the dealer for its first "required" service. When I picked it up, and they gave me the bill, I nearly had a heart attack!! They changed the oil and filter, the transmission oil and the final drive oil. With labor and sales tax the bill was $347.

    I told the service writer that this was a bit excessive for a job which shouldn't take more than 45 minutes. No sympathy! So I have now taken it in twice!! The first time and the last time!!
    Hank - here is the LINK FOR THE DIY FORUM, which covers how to do those exact services yourself.

    Also they should not have charged you for a transmission oil change as the bike does not get one since it is a wet clutch design


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    Thanks for that. In fact, about a century ago, I was a practising M/C mechanic. Here in Ontario it is a government licensed trade and I have a journeyman's license. That is part of what upset me so much. That, and the phone call I received about 1 1/2 hours after dropping off the bike, when they told me that it was ready. The service writer had no idea that I am fully conversant with the mechanics of the bike and told me what they did from a list written in her manual.

    It has taken me many years to learn the self-control that I exercised that day (I didn't lose it!!) and I merely said that the charge is much too high and that they should examine how it was calculated. It is a combined auto and M/C dealership, so they feel it is no problem to overcharge their well-to-do clients. They really do not understand the motorcycle business and evidently are not interested to learn.

    As I said, they will not see me again unless it is for a warranty issue!

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