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Thread: BMW bag liners

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    Smile BMW accessory/apparel CD

    RKA had a large advertisement in the lastest BMW ON. Also, I just received a BMW accessory/apparel catalogue on CD. It listed BMW bag liners, gel battery chargers, and a host of other accessories. It's worth a look-see.

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    Cheaper Bag Liners

    I have BMW liners that were life saver on my first ever two up moto-extravaganza that I took with my gf last summer. They helped keep everything organized during our two week camping trip, and made packing and unpacking so simple!

    I bought mine used from a lisitng on IBMWR and I highly reccomend used liners. I think I paid $65 for the pair and they are practically brand new! As long as the zippers are in good shape I think buying used liners are the way to go. Another place to find liners is on ebay.

    Oh, if its not too terribly important to you to have the liner match the shape of the bag perfectly, and you dont want to spend a lot, then you should try finding a small duffel/gym bag that fits. Before I bought my BMW liners I bought two of the smallest sized duffel bags that Target sells. They cost $10 each and when they were full the bags were the exact length and depth of my hard bags. However due to the trapezoidal shape of the hard bags, the duffel bag didn't fill all of the usable space, only about 80-85% or so. But when travelling solo this worked out fine for me.

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    Not to hi-jack this thread but do any of you know of a bag liner for 41 liter Touratech Panniers?

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    Helen 2Wheels makes smaller bags that are designed to fit in the Jesse bags. You can use the various bags for the different types of things you pack, like shirts in one, etc. I bought a set of them and like them a lot.
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    Grrlie...I have the BMW bags and they really work well. You can pack them till they're about to burst and as long as you don't get them mixed up (they are left & right side specific) you will get that lid closed. You will have to grab one side of the bike and shove your knees against the lid so hard your eyeballs pop, but you will have clean underwear everyday
    I bought mine from a friend for $50. Not sure how much new ones will lighten your wallet.

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