I'm going to spam this to a couple boards, as it is important for our hobby. Mods delete if you think it is overposted.

The wizards that run the fairytale land known as California are at it again. SB 435 is in the works. I've just called my Senator and suggest you all do too. This stuff always starts "small". Guess they vote on it today so I dunno if any action is moot.

Basically, any bike made from 2000 on will now need to be smogged just like a car. Any mods need to be removed and put back to stock. Just insane.

An article on the bill: http://www.examiner.com/x-17351-Sacr...-bill-Its-back

Here's the bill, its short: http://www.parks.ca.gov/pages/1140/files/sb%20435.pdf

Here's how to respond: http://www.abatelocal36.com/images/SB435.pdf

Just having to check each bike would be cost & hassle we don't need, for minimal gain. This isn't a loud pipes issue, only affecting a segment of our hobby, this will affect all California riders eventually, as it could be expanded.