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    Ah, ha...


    Ah ha, June 19h 2010


    We finished up a long winded project this past week and collected a check!... Ah ha, must mean I don't have to come to work on Friday. Looking at the weather patterns for the coming weekend seems like south east would be the best direction to go. After work on Thursday I was out of there.

    riding thru the forest...

    found some flowers...

    after breakfast on Friday a hot spring was in order, this spring was 104 degrees...

    how nice is this?...

    not much happening in this one train town...

    went out to the desert...

    met some boys...

    with their toys...

    they all had toys...

    blast off...

    spent the night, I was the only one here. had to nail the tent to the ground because of wind.
    always check the temperature of these springs before getting in. some measure more than a hundred and sixty degrees.
    this one was a hundred and fifty at it's source but down stream has cooled enough for a soak...

    called home after breakfast, it was raining, no clouds here, bit of wind though...

    this rocket made 27,790 feet in altitude before falling back to earth, was eighteen feet tall
    and built by high school students...

    what fun...

    this one had some problems, went sideways...

    quick, before they get here...

    over the mountains and home, still raining there...

    Friday's temperature on the desert was a little better than eighty degrees, over night, the high fifty's. Quite pleasant, a bit windy though. The wind didn't let up all night, some lighter at sunrise but never really stopped. I tied a string onto a water bottle and put it into the source of the spring before going for a soak. I now would have hot water to wash my face and hair, wouldn't ask for more...

    It was time for breakfast. As I rode out at six thirty the temperature gauge read fifty nine degrees, the wind was still blowing but there was not a cloud in the sky.. I called home at breakfast, Lyn said it was raining, good decision on riding south and east. I went back out to the launch site and stayed until noon, mid seventy's by then, very pleasant.

    Picked up a few clouds by the time I got to the California border. The wind was less in the mountains but back on the flat land it was again blowing. There were a couple of other hot spring choices for the evening but the temperature took a dump as I dropped out of the mountains. The wind was blowing so decided to head home. In a few hours as I crossed the mountains in Oregon it was raining and only fifty one degrees, how rude is that?

    Guess I am ready for summer...

    Thanks for riding along...


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    Looks like you had a great time.. Thanks for taking me on the trip.

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    Those rockets look rad

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    Very nice - hope they're outside of the regular flight patterns 27K is a typical crusing altitude
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    The FAA closes this area to flights during the launch period, 10 am to 7pm each day. they check by phone at 7pm to make sure.

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