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Thread: wobble in front end

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    wobble in front end

    Hi everyone
    I have a r75/6 when I take my hands off the handle bars it starts to wobble in the front end Anyone out there that can tell me how to fix this, Thanks

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    Easy solution....... don't take your hands off the bars!
    Seriously, is your tire pressure where it should be?. As soon as the air in the front tire on my R100/7 gets down a bit the tire tries to follow every crack and pavement snake in the road.

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    There are a number of things that can contribute to wobble, so you'll need to go through several steps to find and eliminate the cause.

    Steering head bearings can become notched, and the front end can wiggle as it seeks the notch. If you haven't rebuilt the steering head bearings recently, you should do so.

    Likewise the swing arm bearings. Although a wobble may seem to come from the front, it can be caused by the rear end. Once in a while it's helpful to clean, check, regrease and adjust the swing arm bearings. Like the steering head bearings, they can become notched. It's also important to check the front/rear wheel alignment. The lateral adjustment of the swing arm bearings has an effect here.

    Wheel bearings can also be the culprit. With a wheel supported off the ground, grasp the top and bottom of the wheel and try to wiggle. If there is any wiggle, or if the wheel doesn't rotate freely, it's time for a wheel bearing repack and adjustment.

    It's important for the fork sliders to be moving freely, and for the fluid to be the same volume in both legs. The sliders can be pinched by the axle clamps being tightened with the fork tubes not parallel. Loosen the clamps slightly and bounce up and down to put the forks through as much travel as you can. Then snug up the clamps. Even if there is no indication of a fork seal leak, once in a while it's a good idea to drain and refil the forks with the appropriate weight of fork oil.

    And, with older machines, it's possible to have a cracked or bent frame tube. So, get out your flashlight and carefully go over every inch of your main frame and swingarm. If you find any suspicious rust, that's one indication of a crack.


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    From SJ BMW

    NOTE: A weaving at high speeds indicates that the bearings are too tight. A wobble at low speeds indicates that the bearings are too loose.

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    I recently went through this; a low speed wobble between 30-40 mph.

    In my case it turned out to be a combination of old, un-balanced tires.

    After going through the steering head drill (I had already rebuilt my front suspension) I finally conceded that it might be the tires so I sprang for a set of Bridgestone Spitfires, had them dynamically balanced ... and voil?, wobble gone.

    If there is any weather-cracking in the side walls of your tires replace them; they are now too stiff to comply

    You didn't mention how long you've had your /6. Did this just start, or has it been going on for some time?

    You might also benefit from doing a search of this (Airheads) forum using "wobble".
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    re-wobble in front end

    Thanks every one for the info much appreciated Budokai

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    Also be sure to check the engine/frame mounting bolt torques.

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    How true are the wheels???
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