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Thread: Flip front or fixed full face helmet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cscatola View Post
    Which one did you end up going with?...{snip}
    Same as you -- Scorpion EXO 900 is Hi-Viz Neon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greenwald View Post
    I have owned (and currently have both styles), used and taught with both the full-face helmet and the modular (flip-style) helmet.

    I find that while the non-flip full-face helmets are a bit quieter than modular, it is not a "stop the presses" must-have difference.

    My advice - wait until it's time to replace your existing lid (for me, every five years), then get a quality full-face.

    Buddy of mine uses Arai (even ordered one painted with the British flag when he rode Triumphs), but spends a wheelbarrel full of cash for the same quality and crash-worthiness I get with, say an HJC.

    It's your money though.

    Good Luck.
    Thanks for addressing the question. I am aware of helmet fit issues etc. What I asked you answered. I gather the difference is minor in noise, so I will wait until I need a new helmet and then change over.. Yes and choosing, based on fit, feel etc... Something I have done for 40 years..
    Thanks mate
    best regards
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    Quote Originally Posted by pch123 View Post
    Will , In your opinion, this provide a MUCH less noisy enviroment or just a minor improvement?
    If the change is only slight, I won't bother until change over is necessary.
    Paul -- As others have mentioned, there are SO many variables impacting helmet noise that what one reports as quiet another discards as excessively noisy. Case in point: back in my Triumph Tiger days I bought a Schuberth Concept C2 because others said it was the quietest modular on the planet. Not so for me! It sounded like the exhaust pipe was routed up inside the helmet and the volume -- even with earplugs -- was intolerable.

    I switched to a cheap HJC which was quieter in that I didn't hear the amplified exhaust anymore, but the wind noise was significant. Then I tried a Nolan N103. I like the helmet for everything BUT the wind noise, which is loud enough at 55mph to leave my ears ringing if I don't wear plugs.

    The Nolan fell apart at the JC Rally last summer and I sent it directly to CIMA (the importer) for repairs which they did promptly and at no cost. But I needed another helmet for the ride home to Vermont, so bought an Arai XD3. I personally, with my rig, find this helmet significantly quieter than any of the modulars I've tried up to about 65mph, at which it's about the same noise level. It's also by far the most comfortable helmet I've ever put on my head, but that probably has more to do with the shape of my melon matching the helmet.
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    1) Get a helmet that fits YOU correctly.
    2) More money gets you more/better features (venting is significantly different between brands & models)
    3) Regardless of how quiet the helmet is, wear ear plugs.
    4) If you go with a modular, be sure the latch assembly parts are metal, not plastic.
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    Scorpion Helmets

    i purchased an EXO 700 full faced helmet last year in Hi Viz when my old Shoei was shoeing it's age. I instantly fell in love with the helmet. I was so impressed with the quality, feel, price and oh yes the color that i just purchased one of their EXO 900 modular helmets as well.

    For the money and comfort i love them both. i find, now that summer months are here though, i am using the 900 helmet quite a bit. Stuck in traffic, driving through the village i live in, paying tolls, pumping gas.. it's quite convenient.

    What can i say.. i am partial to the hi viz color.
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