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Thread: Laser protection

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    Drive slower.. get run over...

    ..."obit"... "rider was wearing a helmet".

    Ya just gotta do your BEST to "go with the flow dontchaknow".....

    If you drive below or above "speed limit", you will be ticketed for driving unsafely. So, we can't just slow down... unless it is to meet the "average flow" of traffic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cathdeac View Post
    {snip}...If you drive below or above "speed limit", you will be ticketed for driving unsafely...{snip}
    Yeah? Well not in Massachusetts, bucko!

    I've been on the road with plenty of left-lane dawdlers going <60 and NEVER have I seen a LEO pull one of them over...even though it is against the law in MA to block a lane regardless of how fast the dawdler is going. Then again, drivers here have no idea what a turn signal is used for and nor understand that the MIDDLE lane is the "travel lane", not the LEFT lane.

    While I am ranting...

    I learned to drive at 12 years old in Rome, Italy...on a motorcycle...and survived for 3 years. That experience was madness, but made me expect the unpredictable. Since that time, I have spent many years driving Virginia, Ohio and Massachusetts, with briefer driving stints in England, France, Greece, Bermuda, and various Caribbean islands.

    Not since Rome have I encountered the "it's all about me" attitude of a seemingly increasing number of Massachusetts drivers. Of course I am generalizing about MA drivers but some days it seems like the few miscreants are having a convention around my bike/car.

    In my dreams I am driving a 1949 DeSoto with 10-ft long titanium spikes mounted on the front and back...

    2009 R1200RT, 2007 Shadow Aero 750 (sold)
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  3. 08-11-2010, 03:15 AM
    Duh, found out it was just tongue in cheek.

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