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Thread: Vedio camera for my bike K12LT

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    Vedio camera for my bike K12LT

    I'm looking for a Vedio camera for the Redmond OR. trip. That I can mount on 05 k1200LT. I was looking at the Scientific ATC2K, because I'm cheap.

    Tanks for any help

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    Most of the P&S cameras do video and the quality is pretty good, better than the ATC2K.
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    Only POV video camera I have experience with is the ContourHD. Samples at

    The "putting an R69S on the center stand" 30 second short was shot with a digital SLR on a tripod in video mode. You can use it to compare with the output of the ContourHD on, for example, "The way home from Hollister" video. Compare both at 720P mode to really see the difference.

    Audio on a bike is mainly wind noise. I cut the gain way down so it is not too obnoxious and am thinking of adding an audio recorder that I can locate out of the wind stream.

    I mount the camera this way:

    or this way:

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    Not cheap

    VIO POV 1.5. See link. This is what I've got. This one actually has a 2 inch screen so you can see what you are recording and whether you're recording. Small camera head can be put on your helmet or on a RAM mount on your bike.

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