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Thread: Mike Kelly is in serious condition

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    Mike Kelly is in serious condition

    Jim Roche posted this on the R1100S / R1200S site:

    One of our brothers, Mike Kelly, from Dallas, N. C. is in bad shape and needs our collective prayers and thoughts of healing. Mike crashed at CMP Saturday between turns 2 & 3 in the 2nd session. He was flown to Richland Memorial in Columbia for a concussion and was found to have a broken collar bone and shoulder injury as well. They found bleeding on his brain after his helmet was removed there in the ER and started preparing for corrective measures at once. The corner worker said he was knocked out for at least 5 minutes before he started to move slightly, coming around briefly, before lapsing into a coma that has not relented.

    Guys, Mike is in serious trouble and only prayers can help now. He has NOT REGAINED consciousness since they took him off the life-flight yesterday. They have drilled two holes into his head to relieve the build up of blood and related fluids, but he is not responding to commands. One time when asked to move........two fingers did move......but that was the only time, and could have been a involuntary reflex. I told Mona that when I was in intensive care for 13 days with head injuries in 1987............I could hear people but could not respond either and that Mike may actually be able to hear her and the doctors. but that they and their voices may seem only as a dream to him. She seems to have cried herself out, and is now calm and facing the reality that only time, faith, and prayers will help now. Please offer up your faith and ask for his future in your personal way. Nice, not boastful, knowledgeable engine builder, expert rider, loving father, friend to all of us and more...........the list just could go on as to why we need him for many more years. This is the first "real" accident he has every had on a hard pavement bike in his life..........and I am so saddened that it was such a bad one. He is at Richland Memorial Hospital in Columbia, SC in the Trauma One center. The only thing they can do at this wait.....for a sign of open eyes, limb movement, and possible voice. Jim Roche in Tallahassee......saddened and reflective.

    PS: For those who were not aware, Mike is a respected WERA airhead racer, started off on Drag Racing Bikes in the 70's, and 80's, built the airhead racer that finished 4th at the airhead invitational in 2005, has traveled for the past three years with major race teams as a engine, brake, and front end specialist, and was asked recently to wrench for a team at the Isle of Man. He is a expert rider, runs Three M Engineering in Dallas, N.C. and is very well liked by all who know him. He and his wife Mona have one son and they are a very close knit, working class, N. C. family.

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    There but for the grace of God . . . . .

    Bless him and his loved ones and wish him a speedy recovery!

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    DONE, He and his family are in my prayers.
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    Thoughts and prayers sent!! I hope he recovers fully!!

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    prayers and gentle healing hugs . . .

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