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Thread: 2002 K12RS... Avon tire cupping ?

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    2002 K12RS... Avon tire cupping ?

    This is the second set of Avon Storm tires I have put on this bike. The front tire cups so bad on one side, usually the right. I need to hear some feedback. My bike has Ohlins on it front and rear. The preload and sag is set correctly.
    The first new Avon on the front got about 5200 miles on it, it was cupped so bad, I was nuts to ride it. Sent the tire to Avon rep in Seattle, they inspected it and sent me a new one free of charge, Nice.
    So now, this new one so far has about 3000 miles on it and it is starting to cup just as bad as the last one.
    Is this just a character on this bike or this bike with Ohlins, or, crappie Avon tires, or, anyone have this problem ???
    Any input would be nice, lets stick to this bike and this problem guys. Lets not end up talking about some other subject.

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    That's why I went to Road Attacks!
    Loved the Avon 45/46's, but when I put the Avon Storms on my 04 GT, within 1K miles, they cupped. Free replacement of the Storms lasted about 2-3K, then cupped.
    Road Atacks worked for me!

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    Tire Pressure?

    Are you running the recomended pressure in the tire per Avon's web site? I had an Avon Azaro front cup on me following recomended pressures but it had over 8K miles on it. I switched to a Storm and have over 10K miles without an issue. I run about 3 psi over Avon's recomendation. I don't recall where I read about the higher pressure but it has worked for me so far.
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    The Avons are about the only brand I have not run on my 2000 RS. The fact that yours is cupping on the Right (rider's right I presume) rather than rider's left is a bit odd from what I have seen and read. Is there a suspension issue that needs to be addressed? The frame is so rigidly designed I can't think how something might become misaligned.
    With regard to the tires, I have had very good experiences with nearly all the brands and have distinct preferences. The only severe cupping I experienced was on a D-220 and BT-020. For the 020 it was a defective tire, on the Dunlop, it may or may not have been a worn out front shock. All tires on my K12RS begin to cup to some extent as they pile on the mileage, but none to a point where it becomes uncomfortable or affects my steering in any notable fashion. On my 19th set.....
    BTW just mounted PR2cts on my K13S and really love them, way better than the Attacks
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