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Thread: Headlight protector covers

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    Headlight protector covers

    I am looking for the type of headlight protectors that adhers directly to the light. In other words, it is not connected with velcro, etc.

    It is for a 99 R1100S, and I have searched but cannot find who makes one to fit this bike.

    If anyone knows where I can find one it would be great!

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    The only thing I've seen was on EBAY. It was a clear plastic that some how attached to the painted surfaces. It was sold to protect painted surfaces. You might contact the vendor and see if you can buy an uncut piece that you can shape yourself. I don't know how thick(how much protection) it was or if it would discolor from the heat off the headlight.

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    i think it's RMH enterprises.......sell the good 3M stuff......
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    Contact JMH Associates, Inc. - Morgan Holt of Tuscaloosa Al 205-752-4009.

    He put what you are looking for on my K. He does sell for it for you to do it yourself, if you wish.

    I have the protective cover held on by Velcro on the R. I haven't tested either one yet, but I would think that the cover held on by the Velcro would give the better protection.
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    +1 on the JMH Motorsports.

    Perhaps a bit more expensive than others but very good service & product.

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    thanks for the replies. I will followup and try one of the above mentioned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by msnden View Post
    I put that on both the Oilheads I had. Works great. I liked the fact that nothing got behind the film. With the other HLC's, you have to take them off, clean them, clean the headlight and put it all back as it was. This stuff you just clean and forget it.

    When I first got it, I was concerned about yellowing, as we have seen some films do. Not so with this stuff.

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    Does an application of such a protective film have any long term negative implications? Thanx

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    You'll want the space between the shield and the glass if it's going to do any good.

    That space, into which the shield can deflect when struck, is what protects the headlight glass.

    Put a piece of clear plastic tape on your headlight and all that does is hold the broken pieces of glass together after you've taken an impact.

    You'll definitely want the thicker shield that affixes with Velcro or similar, and actually protects the glass from impacts with rocks and stones.

    I have the Aeroflow headlight cover (HLC) on my bike, and removing it and reinstalling it to clean takes about three seconds. Whoever was bitching about that in an above post needs to spend three less seconds sleeping each night so they'll have enough time in their day to remove, clean and reinstall the HLC.

    Don't just put clear Scotch tape on your headlight - protect it with something that will actually deflect and repel projectiles.
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