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Thread: Lonely Southern Park County - Colorado

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    Lonely Southern Park County - Colorado

    Well, it's a dreary, wet day. Snow level is down to 10,000 feet, but still 1,000 feet higher than from where I'm typing this. So might as well post several pics/vids of a journey three days ago through nearby and empty southern Park County. Riding friend David suggested a scoot to celebrate his birthday and of course I accepted.

    Park County is named after the high altitude meadows, or "parks" located in the heart of the county. Above timberline peaks ring three sides. It's a spacious county in the center of Colorado, about the size of Rhode Island, but with much of it unchanged the decades I've been here. Until a few years ago there wasn't a single stoplight in the county. Now there are two. In the 1990's the household finally went from a four party phone line to a single party.

    Anyway, the southern part of the county is where the meadows give way to lumpy hills and forested tops as they rise up to meet Pike's Peak on the south. The secluded roads find their way through, around, and over this undulating terrain. This is empty country. Seriously, I can't think of a thing that has changed over many years except for the decay and resurfacing of the pavement which David and I enjoy on two RT's.

    Two ride vids following David...

    Colorado 9 Southern Park County - Streaming Video

    Park County 102 - Streaming Video

    Here's Mt. Silverheels. This shapely 13,822ft. peak was named after a Fairplay (County Seat) dance hall lady who looked after, and took care of the miners when a smallpox epidemic swept through area 1870's mining camps. Many miners credited her loving care with their survival. She eventually contracted the disfiguring disease and withdrew to her home. The grateful miners took up a collection for this special lady, but found her cabin empty when they visited. She was never seen again, but some report seeing her ghostly apparition tending the graves of miners at the Buckskin Joe cemetery a few miles north of Fairplay. Anyway, this care giving dance hall lady wore... silver heels...

    The Ute Indians would have come across this kind of scene 150-200 years ago. No fences or any signs of man's interventions. The last wild bison in Colorado was shot nearby in 1901. That's Pike's Peak peering over the rumpled carpet of yet-to-turn-green prairie grasses...

    A few miles further a fence and some pronghorn antelope, nervously waiting for the pausing, low growling thing with two circular legs to get moving...

    If you're interested in raising some cattle, or just settling into a place and area where the hands of the clock turn slowly, this historic homestead is for sale...

    Not sure how livable this homestead is, but it is typical of what one sees in this area... more older structures than newer. Despite the car in the image, seeing one is the exception versus the expectation. OK with me when on two wheels. My guess the same for you eh?

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    Nice photos, I liked the blue sky!... Thanks for shareing.

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    Very nicely done, thanks.....Beautiful country....And here I am sitting behind this computer......I've been interested in seeing South Park since reading the mountain man series by Terry C. Johnston........Kathy and I may ride to Colorado in July....We're going somewhere that's for sure.... Thanks again for sharing...


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    something special about your area, wish I was there.

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    I leave for Colorado next Wednesday.
    Ride Well

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    Terrific photos and videos. I've been following your photo/video stuff for a couple years now. You have a gift for it.

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    Hey thanks all. It was a good ride on two identical bikes, through a landscape were the Munich made things thrive.

    May you all have many good rides this season!


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