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Thread: Passenger backrest options for '07 GS

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    Passenger backrest options for '07 GS

    I'm going to need a passenger backrest for two or three days next month and wondered what the best value may be with decent comfort. I'm running the stock GSA seat with the stock rack/hand rails. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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    options, options, options...

    I bought a used MV Verholen backrest for my '09 GS on the ADV Rider board. It bolted right on the bike. I was looking for a Stealth Backrest, but didn't want to shell out the dough for one. Best Rest makes one that is adjustable. The MV backrest does the trick. An alternative would be to install a top case with a back pad.
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    Bakup Back Rest

    Just put on a Bakup on my GT - expensive, and my wife loves it. Nice finish work, but large stainless steel pate that covers all of rack is a bit much - certainly does not look cheap.

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    I have a Bestrest that folds down when not in use. I made my own mounting plate out of .160 aluminum plate (the plate cost about $25 including stainless bolts and paint). The picture is actually a little out of date, I have since drilled more holes in the plate for tie down straps.

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