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Thread: Yoga sessions at Redmond Rally 2010

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    Yoga sessions at Redmond Rally 2010

    Hi All,

    I'm a new member, belong to Norcal BMW club, and this will be my first MOA national rally. Since I've volunteered before as a yoga instructor, I offered to "lead" some Yoga sessions at the rally - relatively simple to medium exercises that any first-timer in reasonable health can do and benefit from improved concentration, flexibility and relaxation.

    The rally officials have given their permission to hold 4 sessions as follows -- they are complimentary and all you need is some loose fitting clothes and blanket (for the relaxation part). Location will be notified when we get there.

    Friday & Saturday ΤΗτ 7 am - Short Program - 45 mins
    ΤΗσ Warm-up & Loosening exercises
    ΤΗσ Pranayama ΤΗτ Controlled Breathing ΤΗτ 20 rounds ΤΗτ calms & focuses mind
    ΤΗσ Sun Salutations ΤΗτ itΤΗΦs a sequence of 12 yoga poses linked together and we can do 6-8 rounds. Provides excellent stretching
    ΤΗσ Quick Relaxation Technique ΤΗτ 5 mins ΤΗτ end of program

    Friday & Saturday - Longer Program 60-70 minutes ΤΗτ Sometime before dinner (4-7 pm window - tbd)

    ΤΗσ Warm-up & Loosening exercises
    ΤΗσ Pranayama ΤΗτ Controlled Breathing ΤΗτ 20 rounds ΤΗτ calms & focuses mind
    ΤΗσ Sun Salutations ΤΗτ couple of rounds.
    ΤΗσ 8-12 Yoga poses in Standing, Sitting, Supine and Prone positions
    ΤΗσ Deep Relaxation Technique ΤΗτ 15 mins ΤΗτ end of program

    See you there. If you would also like to assist as an instructor (help show others, correct postures etc.), please PM me.

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    Welcome and count me in for the yoga!!
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    Sounds wonderful! How gracious of you to volunteer!

    Since they should have wifi at the rally you might post the location in this thread too.

    And thanks for sharing your talents.

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    Neat idea:)

    I assume guys are welcome too I may need some of this in my life, to help me get even older and happier and riding my bike longer in life...Thanks for the tip and doing this. I'll look for ya. Randy"Polarbear"Owens

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    What a great idea. Thank you for stepping up to make this happen.


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