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Thread: Sahara Elf Peg or Ilium Works

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    Sahara Elf Peg or Ilium Works

    Wanting to get something to help stretch out my legs on long rides. I have seen many mentions of the the Sahara then saw the Ilium pegs. Just curious to see what experiences are out there. I ride an 09 RT with the seat in the high position (36" inseam). Or should I just skip them both and put pegs on crash bars?
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    Have used both of them. The Sahara's are clever, invisible till you want them, hard to deploy on the fly and VERY fragile in a tip over or even if putting too much pressure in them. I like the position though.

    The Iliums are much sturdier, visible, can be easily deployed while riding, look a bit clunky, put my legs more splayed and a bit less comfortable after a few minutes. I only use them for short periods anyway. My opinions!

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    I've got the Iliums... and love them. Helps with another leg positioin and, therefore, soothes the aching butt on long rides. They fold away under the cylinders of my 07 RT when not in use.... Cost about 300 smackers... money well spent IMHO.

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