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Thread: K1200 GT Transmission Whine

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    K1200 GT Transmission Whine

    I just bought a 2008 1200GT yesterday with 500 miles. After 25 years of Harley riding there is lots to get used to. The first 200 miles have been a lot of fun.

    I was wondering about the high pitched whine of the transmission in the K-Bike - especially when rolling it on at highway speed - is this normal? It did seem to be getting pretty loud at times.

    Never driven a BWM before, so I have no frame of reference.

    Any ideas?

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    Are you sure it's not just a ringing in your ears from all those years on a Harley?

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    Move to Wedges Please

    I don't have the GT version of either the older brick style - this sub forum - or of the new K series - your style engine. This question should likely be moved to the Wedge sub forum.
    The early K's have straight cut gears which do tend to whine if you have enough wind protection to hear them - I do on my RS. It is normal. For the 08 GT....again, I have the S rather than the GT, so am not sure how much gear noise one would hear. But, if the moderator moves this to the Wedge forum, I am sure the GT owners there can help you. It may be the engine or the tranny that you are adjusting to the sound of compared to a big twin.
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    Learning Curve

    Now I know the difference between of Wedges and Bricks.


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