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Thread: Mirror Advice for a K100RS?

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    Mirror Advice for a K100RS?

    Simply put, I can't see vehicles in the lane behind me until they are very close. When I adjust the mirrors so I can just barely see the hard luggage, the brake and clutch levers are dead center in the mirrors as are my gloved hands which block the view.

    OK, I had the same problem with my previous K75 which the first owner had outfitted with fairing from a K100RS. For some reason, my wrists started to hurt after about a half hour of riding on that bike. The solution to both problems was barbacks. Ride all day and see at a glance what is coming up behind you.

    I don't have the wrist problem at all on my current '92 K100RS, so really don't want to get barbacks (and maybe different brake lines.) If there is another solution riders about my height (6'1") have found, I'd love to hear it. .
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    There are factory spacers that move the mirrors out about 1". I believe they came on the 1100RS series. They make a significant difference. You can also change to K75 'C' bars which move the bars back and up about 1.5". This also changes the angle that you look at the mirrors, you sit up a bit straighter. No brake hose change is required.
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    I have a k75RT. After reading about these here on the forums, I installed adjustable spot mirrors on the regular mirrors and will never ride without them
    on any bike. They are available at the RV section in Wal-marts for $1.88 a pair.
    They can be turned 360 degrees after mounting them. Give them a try before
    changing out your regular mirrors. They are only about 1 1/2 inches in diameter,
    but really give you a view of whats coming up that you won't get from the
    regular mirrors.

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    I had the same problem

    These work great. Hercules Blind spot mirrors. German optics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beemer01 View Post
    These work great. Hercules Blind spot mirrors. German optics.

    Hmmm, i don't see any mirrors on that black bike.I must be very fast to worry about traffic behind.

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    I am 6' and I found the spacer piece on the '93 K1100RS did make a reasonable difference over my '85 K100RS. (Also knew a rider who made his own 2-3" spacers that really worked...ugly as a mud fencepost, but it worked) But the bars were also different. The bars do have the holes for a post mount mirror, and I know of at least one fellow K100RS rider that had mounted one on his right side only. Not sure how he avoided contact with the windscreen, but he was quite please with it. I tried the small circular mirrors in the corner and did not care for them, but have seen others use a convex stick on, full size over the stock and they seemed to like them, once they got used to them.
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    Stick on convex mirrors, about 1-2" diameter. available at KMart or similar for under $5. Affix them to the portion of mirror that is blocked out by hands/levers/etc.
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    i have tried the mirror spacers and they work to some extent but put a bag on the seat and the mirrors quit working.

    I have a set of oem mirrors for the bars but they hit the fairing when the bars at full lock. I am in the process of installing bar backs which might just give me enough room to add the bar mirrors without hitting the fairing. If that doesn't work I think I am going to construct spacers to go in the mirror bosses on the bars to move the bar mirrors up and out enough to clear the fairing. They won't be lovely but I will be able to put my camping bag across the seat without being blind from behind when touring.

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