It was a beautiful day in the Bay Area today; 65 degrees and sunny. So, I took the wife for a little 110 mile ride up to Skyline via Hwy 9 (recently paved!) to Alice's Restaurant for a burger. On the way, at the Saratoga Gap, we saw about 15 punks driving suped up BMW cars on Skyline; some type of rally. They were all racing and we passed an accident that had just happened. One of the cars lost control and hit a telephone pole. They were all stopped and standing on the road.

Pulling up to the intersection at Alice's (Skyline-35 & La Honda) a guy on a chopper pulls out in front of us, thinking the intersection was a 4-way stop, but it isn't. Luckily, I was slowing down, because I would have hit him. That's a crazy intersection.

At Alice's, I had the BMW Burger. Bacon, Mushrooms, Worcestershire sauce and jack cheese. Sharon had the LeMans burger. After lunch we headed to the coast by way of La Honda. Headed south to Bonny Doon Road to Ice Cream Grade (needs to be paved!) to Empire Grade then home thru Scott's Valley. Then we watched "Motorcycle Diaries" on DVD! Borrowing it from a friend who works for someone in the "Academy".