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Thread: Pebble Beach. Lokking for reson.

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    Pebble Beach. Lokking for reson.

    After riding from Vancouver, BC through Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, Arizona and California my wife and I arrived in the lovely town of Carmel after 11 days on our R1200GS. The next morning the hotel receptionist told us we have to ride the famous 17 mile drive to see some beautiful estates and the legendary Pebble Beach golf course. At the gate of the drive an officer stopped us and said motorcycles are not allowed on the drive and we both were surprised because we know people who have done that drive on motorcycles.

    She said is private drive and they don't want motorcycles on it. Can any one tell me why it is? If it's a noise issue, our bike is quieter than some sports cars.

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    I know that what you have been told it true. I do not know exactly why, but I suspect it is both a noise and image issue. Unfortunately, and I am not slamming a particular marque or any individual, some of our two-wheeled brethren have not conducted themselves in a manner consistent with more upscale resort areas. You will find these restrictions in at least two places which I frequent for golf. Pebble Beach is one, Hilton Head, SC is another. It will not matter that your particular bike is quiet, if they ban motorcycles, they ban them all. Not arguing right or wrong here, just explaining why, having stayed in both locations, I understand and agree with the policy. Having said that, 17 mile drive is a beautiful a convertable, or ride a bicycle.

    PS Birdying the 15th hole at Pebble Beach was one of my most memorable moments.....done when it was 50 degrees, raining sideways, with a 25 MPH wind.

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    I don't know the specific reason why, but 17 Mile Drive has been closed to motorcycles for as long as I can remember, 30 years at least. I don't know how your friends got to ride it, the bike ban is well known to be serious.

    My uncle had a townhouse in Canyon Lake, in Southern California, back in the early 80s. This is a well publicized no-bikes development -- it has been in the AMA magazine several times now -- but I didn't know that when I visited him on my R65. They had to come out to the gate to get me and my wife, and drive us back out again afterwards. Didn't matter that there were loud cars inside, or that there were loud powerboats jetting about on the lake, or that my stock R65 was quieter than many stock cars. You can't talk logic to bureaucracy, and you might as well not bother.
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    I used to ride it every weekend when I was going through school at the Defense Language Institute at the Presidio of Monterey in 1968. Occasionally, if it was pretty warm I'd stop off at the bar in the club house for a brew or soda. Had to be a member; but anytime I stopped, a member would buy for me and I'd reimburse him. Guess my GI haircut gave me away. Always was treated kindly by the locals. Carmel and the Monterey area were really neat. I also rode to Napenthes for supper one evening. Absolutely superb view of the Pacifiic! That was one of the coolest places I was ever stationed in 27 years in the Navy. The only other place to rival it was Skaggs Island, near the Napa valley!

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    I rode up to Carmel in the early 80's from Long Beach to specifically ride the 17 mile drive and was turned around at the gate.....

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