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Thread: using rear tire on the front wheel of a r1200clc

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    Smile using rear tire on the front wheel of a r1200clc

    I have an 03 CLC with a Hannigan sp2 car. I am wanting to run a metzeler 888 rear tire on the front. Has anyone done this ,and if so was there any problem with fender clearance. Thank you.

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    The front wheel calls for a 150/80 VR 16 tire. Metzeler makes the 888 in a 150/80 B 16 - meaning it's bias-ply construction, not radial. Old wisdom says not to mix radials & bias-plys on the same bike, but you'll get opinions on both sides of that fence.

    Metzeler, Avon, Dunlop & Bridgestone all make radial tires that fit on the front of CL. Why not use one of those? The Metzeler ME 880 comes in the right size & construction, and an 880/888 combination sounds like a pretty good idea to me.
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