Installed new Carbone Lorraine A3 pads on Monday with my old rotors. The old rotors were not badly worn or grooved and within spec on thickness. My old brake setup didn't exhibit any pulsing, just a bad squeal under light to moderate application, and pad wear close to the indicators with a bit of grabbiness. I used the brake lube (not the red "brake quiet" type stuff, the permatex brake lube, it's very sticky black lube) on the pad backs, a pretty thin coat since the instructions said sparingly.

It was fine until today and I've put about 30 miles of commuting and riding around town, then in heavy trafic this morning it started lightly squealing under very light braking. By the time I got home tonight, it was about as bad as usual, just w/o the grabbiness. The feel is still very solid and smooth.

Thoughts? I think in another thread Ted said he'd had some temporary luck with the brake quiet stuff but didn't get relief until he replaced the rotors w/ EBCs. I'm not sure this is the same problem though, the common complaint is pulsing and I don't have that, just squealing, and I think most of the complainers had K75S bikes, I have a K75T. I'll be replacing another hose this winter so I'll have the brake system partially apart anyway at that point.

My plan is to try the brake quiet this winter and see what happens, then if that doesn't help I'll either live with it as long as there's no pulsing, or I'll look into some EBC rotors. But I figured I'd ask for sympathy or experiences from the rest of you lot...