Cold but Sunny!!!
Off today so,what else to do but ride the scooter,right..??..!!
26* when I pulled out the garage,no ice, no salt,no wind. Snapped a few pictures of the converted GS to PD but now can't upload till computer comes home from college...
Fire up bike,starts with no problems, even after sitting 4 weeks. Hey,I've been working 7 days a week. Big push to finish projects before the bad weather arrives.
I did have a chance to ride a few miles a week ago last friday. I just had to take out the RT. It's difficult to own two great bikes,(I know,I'm spoiled). Always a coin toss as to which bike gets ridden. Lately, the GS wins.
Everything pretty much brown and barren,.....Only thing greenish yellow are the front lawns of houses. We do have a large Deer population,visible even during the day. They don't even flinch from honking horns while feeding along side the road. Even when I pulled to the side of the road by them,they just look and walk slowly away. Keeping their distance by about 30 feet. Forested area ponds covered with ice,so lifeless. Lot's of migrating geese still in the harvested corn fields.
So I still managed to get out and put some miles on before the flakes start to accumlate,and the roads become impassable. I got my Fix...
Oh,and I always manage to stop by and visit (tease) the local H-D shop employees on cold days.
I love parking the beemer right by the front door on cold days.