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Thread: Need help moving oversize BMW item from SF area to East Coast

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    Need help moving oversize BMW item from SF area to East Coast

    I have a piece of BMW memorabilia (not a bike or part thereof) that I need to move from the San Francisco area to one of the mid-Atlantic states (MD, VA, or NC). It's final destination is NC, but I can pick it up from you wherever you are headed in that area. It measures approximately 50 inches x 50 in x 10 in, so it would fit up against one wall in a van and in theory not take up much space at all. In return for your help, I would of course be willing to contribute to your expenses. It would work out best for me if it could happen sometime in July. If you know of anyone renting a moving van or has a freight company with some extra space or any other suggestions, please let me know. Thanks! David

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    If no other option go FedEx as they are cheaper on the larger stuff. For an example,I sold a complete(less gauges)BMW car dash on Ebay several months ago and the box was almost as tall as me and went from KY to CA for something like 35-$40.

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