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Thread: Eisenhower Tunnel

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    Eisenhower Tunnel

    Hey All - I just went through the tunnel both ways again this weekend and, same as last year, ride in the left lane both ways. The right lane in both the east and west directions has fairly deep grooves from heavy trucks that tend to kind of throw you around. Just ride in the left lane and you'll experience no problems. It's okay to go 60 mph but I'd advise against much more because of the CHP. Also, the Colorado Highway Patrol often radars the decent going west because, unlike the accent from the east at 65, it's only 60 mph. If you're not pressed for time, go over Loveland Pass, just did it again a few weeks ago and it's still magnificent, it adds about 30 minutes to your time either direction. Hope this helps. Steve

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    Thanks for posting - I found out about the right lane last year as two of us took the short cut last year while the rest of the group went over Loveland because we got a couple hours behind. Next time I will take a pass on the Eisenhower!
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    We found the grooves when they were hidden by rain last summer headed east from the tunnel...exciting doesn't quite cover the sensation! Thanks for the reminder...the over the pass route sure is nicer!
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