Anyone care to share pictures of their Starcom/Autocom/Baehr/younameit Intercom installations?

Just curious about things like:
- How did you choose your mounting location? For the intercom, for a remote control, any other considerations?
- How did you choose routing for the wiring to the GPS or other goodies?
- Centech or not to install fusebox?
- When riding, is the cord from your helmet flapping around, plugged in front of you or near your knees or ....?
- Just how much more money can possibly be spent on gadgets?
- If you installed your stuff in your tankbag, do you regret that when you fill with fuel?
- PosiLock are pretty cool, are there other electrical connections that you've used that are elegant?
- Is Velcro my friend, or did you find a better way to physically mount the device under the seat, etc...?