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Thread: MotoGP coverage on Speed

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    MotoGP coverage on Speed

    Is it me or did the whole new format for the MotoGP coverage on speed just get worse this year? Maybe I just hate change, but the podium interviews are gone plus I miss the closing shots of Rossi shooting champagne all over poor Danny Padrosa and the like.

    Even the cool ending music is gone

    At least they have some more personal interviews prior to the race, but it seems the announcing has changed for the worse as well.

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    Yes, worse...

    Hey, anybody know what channel & time for the WSB stop this weekend?

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    At least it is in HD now!
    Rob C. , Raleigh, NC
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    I'd go back to tape delay

    I much rather the old format too. The post race interviews and podium shots were a nice wrap up to the event. Didn't even get a good shot at Lorenzo's post race celebration.

    As with the broadcasts they did on Network TV, I've found that the narrator tended to dumb things down, perhaps in the hope of attracting a wider audience who just happened by the coverage.

    WSB's still fun. Will be broadcast on Mon 5 & 6pm on SpeedTV. Arrgh. Was hoping to veg on that later this eve.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoboRider View Post
    At least it is in HD now!
    A badly done show in HD is still a bad show. All these media outlets and their stupid "in HD" announcements make me want to
    I'm glad that the internet covers things like the Dakar and MotoGP much better..

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    Quote Originally Posted by riderR1150GSAdv View Post
    I'm glad that the internet covers things like the Dakar and MotoGP much better..
    the videography of the Dakar is stellar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Visian View Post
    the videography of the Dakar is stellar.
    Specially when ADVrider members post vids on youtube etc....

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