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Thread: Does this remind you of why you ride motorcycles

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    Does this remind you of why you ride motorcycles

    Saw this on Yahoo and thought it would interest those of you who did not either see it or take the time to read it. It seems to me that this fellow walks for some of the same reasons we ride.
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    On the road, there's a simple purpose to each day, he says. There is camaraderie with the people he meets along the way. There is excitement in discovering what's around the next bend. "Playing it safe isn't really that safe," he has concluded. "If you do that, you miss out on a lot of the great things life has to offer." For him, making this journey is freedom.
    Yep -- that's pretty much spot on.
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    It does. It reminds me of why I ride bicycles too. I've ridden my bicycle on roads I've been riding my motos on for ten years and have seen things I'd never, ever noticed before.
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