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Thread: Experience with Greater Boston Motorsports?

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    Experience with Greater Boston Motorsports?

    I was recently in a minor accident. The damage is largely cosmetic - cracked/scratched bodywork, a scraped fork, and a good-sized dent in the exhaust tubing - and I walked away with only a few bruises, so I count myself lucky.

    Greater Boston Motorsports, in Arlington MA, is the only BMW shop relatively convenient to my house. I use them occasionally for new tires, accessories, etc. They're the most likely shop for the repair work.

    I've read a number of reviews on Yelp etc stating how awful their experience with GBM service was, and commenting on their insurance estimate process.

    I have faith in MOA members' opinions (more so than random Yelp reviews), so before I hand my baby to GBM for the estimate and repair work, I'm curious about other riders' experience with them. Good or bad? Did work get done on time and within expected cost? Any other recommended service shops in the greater Boston area? Thanks!
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    Unless they've changed in the last ten years: avoid.
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    Send the bike to Max BMW in NH. They've got a van to come and pick it up as a regular service.
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    I've not had *bad* experience w/GBM but the shop did not strike me as a place I'd bring my ride to for repair... soooo...

    +1 for max... they pickup/drop off to my n.shore apartment... and in an emergency have scooped me up off 93 south around route 60... dropped me off at a t-stop! granted it wasn't the weekend before memorial day though.

    best wishes getting things sorted.

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    Send it to Max

    +1 on Max, they are the best in the region and will pick it up for you.

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    MAX is 110 miles away for me, but the only shop I use.
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