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    Vemar Jiano Bluetooth

    The Vemar Jiano Bluetooth has been out for a couple years now but it seems the only reviews I can find are from 08. Does anyone own one of these helmets and can I have your opinion of it.

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    Hello, I have owned two of these for about a month. Mine seems to be fine, but my wife's seems to be losing a charge after about four hours (they are supposed to go ten hours). I called the dealer, and they are getting me a replacement with no questions asked.
    The helmet is very comfortable, and the built-in fighter pilot sun shield is awesome. The blue-tooth function works well also. I have it paired with my Blackberry, and helmet to helmet is fine as well. I would say that we can talk up to about twenty feet apart, an it gets pretty crackly after that. We seem to have developed a dependence on the communication abilities, and it is really a drag to go without it in unfamiliar places.

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    Exclamation Vemar Jiano

    I can't comment on the bluetooth capability, but I can comment on the helmet itself, which I've worn for a couple of years. It is generally very comfortable, a little noisy. It tends to leak water down back of the shield (I think most do) in a good rain.
    The small red plastic lever attached to the mechanism allowing you to raise or lower the dark sun screen is a design flaw. Mine broke with normal gloved hand manipulation after a year. Had to glue it back on.
    The chin strap mechanism is very nice as it is a ratchet rather than double D.

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