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    Trailer & Trains

    Yesterday I received my May edition of ON and while browsing the articles I took note of the editorial titled "He's not happy!".

    I take exception to our friends comments.

    When my wife turned 60 almost 4 years ago she indicated she wanted to learn to ride and to purchase her own bike. She signed up for a local bike course and bless her heart she did well and eventually purchased her first bike.

    Now we get out when we can but for the most part it is day trips limited in length because she just doesn't feel capable of extended rides and I can respect that. Heck, I'm just thrilled that she participates.

    We plan on attending the Oregon Rally and we will be hauling our bikes in our trailer behind our motor coach. We've been across the USA and Canada in this fashion and it is a great way to see the country and enjoy biking. It affords us the ability to travel in comfort.

    The purpose of a Rally on a National scale is to be inclusive of all genres of riders; dirt bikers, road bikes, touring bikes, day trippers and of course Iron-Butt'ers. No one group should be excluded and no matter how you get to the Rally, the important thing is that you participate.

    Our bikes are NOT "bum" candy. We enjoy them to the level of our physical limitations and to suggest that they are is B.S. Shame on you!!

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    You should not take the "anti-trailering" seriously. It is meant in a light hearted way just the same way that Chevy enthusiasts belittle Ford enthusiasts. Everyone has their preference and lightheartedly boo hoo those of other persuasions. That's what makes the BMW commumity so diverse. Would you want it any other way. Participation is the only goal. Get there no matter how.
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    I concur. Don't take it personally. Not everyone is able to physically complete multiple day rides. Doesn't mean they can't take part in riding, attend the rally and other events.

    I only trailer when there is no other way to move the bike someplace and can't ride. Thats me and in no way applies to you. Trailer your bikes and enjoy.

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    If I could get my wife to ride with me, I would haul my bikes anywhere on a trailer. She won't ride and I appreciate anyone that will. Good luck and have a great time.
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    I'm secretly trailering my bike from Chicagoland to Denver, then taking an extended route to the rally. I'm 21 years old. For me, it was a function of time. Saves a day each way, and lets me spend less time risking speeding tickets and more time riding pretty roads.

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    Hi, I am Richard and I am a trailer queen and proud of it. Heck I trailer 2 -2.5 hours on the slab, to ride the fun roads at times. See I can ride narrow, twisting 2 lanes or narrower, for 10 or 12 hours, but after about an hour on the slab on the bike, I am ready to pull my fingernails off.

    I love to ride, but hate to travel on a bike. My deal is corners, that is my thing, and anything I can do to show up relaxed, fresh and ready to go, and then press into inclement weather, knowing my trip home will be comfortable and dry only enhances my riding.

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